The Form. Alcohol Fortitude & Resilience Programme

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The Alcohol - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

Each individual shaped Form of our programme is made to fit you. The alcohol Fortitude and Resilience Programmes are built to address problem drinking, addictions, and complicated emotions such as anxiety and depression that often co-exist. The Form is made to fit your needs. It is formed by an individual complete assessment and needs analysis. The core is client-centric. The Form Alcohol Fortitude and Resilience programme is built to be fit for purpose. To nurture, develop, and shape new ways for our clients to engage with themselves and others through the unique design for each client.

The programme works by developing and building an individual's emotional, behavioural, and cognitive resources. It builds the courage and confidence to re-assume personal control of alcohol-related problems while establishing coping mechanisms for anxiety, stress, and adversity.

It creates individual resilience mindsets to better withstand stress and perceived threats. To open the space to prosper.

The Form has been built, adapted, researched, enriched and evolved by David and influenced by design with specialist psychological researchers. Anyone who works with David has to deliver. Because that is central to our identity. Trust us to get you to where you are to where you want to be.

We do not waste time, you should not waste time!  Time is valuable, your time is valuable. Time cannot be bought, replaced or replicated. It can only be experienced in the now.    


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