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About us

Access to our services is simple, and without waitlists or complications, we are the difference that makes a difference. We provide only the most relevant treatments proven by leading-edge research to be effective. That’s why you can trust us.

Our methodology for success is straightforward: Excellent consultant psychological therapists, ease of access, bespoke treatment options, tailored service, empowering individuals for successful recovery, and exceptional service provision.

Using our bespoke leading-edge treatment programme as the architecture for support, you will have your own dedicated professional to lead and guide you through your recovery process. Imagine, your own personal therapist just for you!

By focusing on the needs of the individual, rather than systems and rules, we've set ourselves far apart from any other service provider in the UK. We are industry leaders in delivering superior quality treatment programmes for addictions, anxiety, and depression. But most notably, alcohol addiction.

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Our Mission

To provide exceptional services while achieving successful outcomes for people experiencing problems with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. To offer the highest quality treatment service by promoting well-being through care, compassion, scientific understanding, and research knowledge. To engage with every person in a manner which reflects respect, dignity, and equality of opportunity.

We will help you change, adapt, transform and become your future self. 


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