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Getting you from where you are
to where you want to be.

Your compass and resources to transform,adapt,change. To evolve towards new directions and a better self.

Privacy, discretion and exceptional service.

Working in partnership with you!

Will work with you in partnership delivering exceptional quality and value for you.
Your treatment programme will be tailored and formed to meet your needs and enable you to move towards your desired outcomes and your success. We invite you to work with us and experience change.


Delivering excellence in quality mental healthcare for you. 

Our unique approach to improving the quality of life for those who have been adversely affected by alcohol, depression, and anxiety has established ATS as the most comprehensive and successful treatment provider. Our programmes will help you move towards your new self, alcohol-free.

We are driven by a service ethos which enables us to form and tailors our services to the needs of each individual. Our bespoke organisational structure allows us the latitude to provide dignified, respectful, and professional care for and with our clients. Each of our programmes is identified by success, confidentiality, and an exceptional quality service experience.

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We are professional experts in the treatment of addictions, substance misuse, anxiety, and depression. We will supervise and deliver your individualised programme at the location of your choice, our consulting rooms, your home, or other agreed location. You can trust us to make things work if you wish to work with us.

Our programmes allow for meaningful change; in time and through time. Specifically, each client can make lifestyle changes for themselves with the unique and bespoke coping tools we provide.

Call today to arrange a confidential consultation at your home or in one of our private rooms at the Carnegie Library. One call opens the door for you and your recovery.

The Alcohol - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

The Form Alcohol - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

The Form Fortitude and Resilience Programme is designed and built to address problem drinking, addictions, and complicated emotions such as anxiety and depression that often co-exist.

Let us help you to evolve and adapt and experience positive change. As a dynamic, active, experiential, lived transformative treatment programme.

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The Depression - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

Form 2. Depression - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

Most people know about the emotional symptoms of depression. But you may not know that depression can cause physical symptoms, too. 

Let us help you to be free from low mood and its negative impact on yourself and others.

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The Anxiety - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

Form 3. Anxiety - Fortitude & Resilience Programme

ATS offers our Specialist treatment model aimed specifically at addressing anxiety concerns. Your programme will be formed and tailored to meet your individual issues.

Feel good coping, managing, improving and evolving.

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